Project Profile: Pebble Quick Lime Feeder Replacement

May 11, 2021

Can customization be the answer to replacing obsolete equipment on a budget?


Location: Leavenworth, KS Water Treatment Plants 1 and 2

Plant # Superintendent: Gary Simanowitz


Leavenworth, KS Water Treatment Plants 1 and 2 feed pebble quick lime into detention slakers in order to adjust the pH level of the city water. The previous feed equipment, originally installed in 2000 was now obsolete and parts are no longer available. The plant would like to install a complete system including both new slakers and feeders, but budget constraints required a retro fit of the feeders only, at this time.

The VeloDyne SOLUTION:

VeloDyne modified a Barracuda 3000A feeder body to provide a custom solution that would bolt into the existing system. While providing advanced features such as direct drive motor/gear reducer and increased feed rate accuracy. "We have had no issues with these feeders, they run 24 hours per day and perform as expected." - Gary Simanonwitz - Plant #2 Superintendent.

Plant 1 | Obsolete Feeder

Plant 2 | Custom IPM Feeder

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