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Liquid Polymer Blending - VeloBlend Series VM8

While the rest of the polymer equipment industry was engaged in a mechanical versus nonmechanical system debate, VeloDyne developed the next generation of advanced polymer activation technologies, a hybrid of the two approaches.

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Liquid Polymer Blending - VeloBlend Series VM8


Key Features & Benefits

Patented hybrid polymer Activation Technology

Stainless-steel mixing chamber

Progressive cavity neat polymer pump (other pump options available)

Loss of polymer and water flow alarms

Mechanical relay logic or PLC control systems

Stainless-steel skid

Optional automatic water control (ratio control of polymer and water)

Optional Accessories
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Technical Data

Progressive cavity pump range from 1.5 to 60 GPH neat polymer

Dilution water from 10 to 100 GPM

Mechanical relay logic or PLC control (see PDF brochure for options)

Common Chemicals

Fabrication and Testing

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